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Atm (Automated Teller Machine) System


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Title: Atm (Automated Teller Machine) System
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ATM (Automated Teller Machine) System


Human beings are faced with a lot of decision making tasks in our daily lives. We are presented with a lot of data and information and we either have to consciously or subconsciously make decisions based on the received information and data (Jain & Lim, 2010). Rational decision making has a clearly identified process: defining the problem, diagnosing its causes, designing possible solutions and finally deciding which alternative is best (Nutt & Wilson, 2010). However, making good decisions is made challenging by the conflicts occurring due to the multiple objectives and goals that are to be satisfied by the decision maker (Jain & Lim, 2010). It is therefore beneficial to have some sort of intelligent decision support system to assist us in making prompt and informed decisions.


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