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Assessment Of The Nine Pillars Of Good Corporate Governance


Dubai SME an agency of Department of Economic Development Dubai, has formulated ‘Nine Pillars of good corporate governance”. Write an essay critically assessing the nine-pillars. Are these pillars the most important principles of corporate governance for SME’s?


Title: Assessment Of The Nine Pillars Of Good Corporate Governance
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According to Abor et al. (2007), Corporate Governance is defined as “the collective term for the systems and procedures pursuant to which business is operated and managed” ( p.111). The above definition indicates that the approaches applied in corporate governance vary from one organization to another. It is the determinant of the expansion and contraction of the economy. Corporate governance transforms due to the ever changing and developing business practices across the globe. Correspondingly, companies adopt the best strategy based on the nature, size and risk they are potentially vulnerable to. The approaches vary with the development and growth of the business. Thus, it assists managers keep track of this growth and sustain the business.


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