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Assessment 1


The questions to guide the presentations are:

Presenter 3: Does neoliberalism, globalisation and work life balance have any point of intersection of not?  Discuss referring to the Burchielli et al (2008) and Herrod & Aguiar (2006) papers.

***the references only from the internet

ASSESSMENT TASKS and hurdle activities

All of the following assessments or activities must be submitted to pass this unit.

Assessment 1: individual oral presentation on literature

Duration: 5 minutes + leading class discussion

Allocation: 15% (5% Peer & 10% Facilitator)Due: In class in allocated week 3-6

The purpose of this assessment is to evaluate your comprehension of the article and your communication and presentation skills.  Students will allocate themselves to a presentation in weeks 3-6.The oral presentation on the literature is designed to provide an opportunity for students to engage in critical reading and analysis and to consider the practical application of the theories and concepts covered within the unit.  This assignment is to be completed individually.  A one-page summaryaddressing the questions (not just summarising the readings) must be provided to the other students in the reading group and the facilitator. (see seminar teaching schedule for reading guide and questions for presentations and readings on Webct).  

Following presentations to the reading group, all students who presented in that week jointly lead a class discussion about the readings and ideas presented.  Contribution and participation in this session is peer &facilitator assessed and is worth 5 marks.

Students will be required to submit their written summary on readings to Turnitin, for the purpose of plagiarism detection and online marking. Note no mark will be awarded for this assessment unless Turnitin submission is completed with evidence of a satisfactory rating (20% or less and subject to correct referencing and all sources readings, internet sources cited in text and in bibliography). 

 Students are responsible to edit and resubmit the presentation until an acceptable originality rating is achieved on Turnitin. Work may be required to be resubmitted if referencing is incomplete, any resubmitted assessment can only receive a maximum of 50% of the total mark. Further information will be provided on Webct and in class.

Marking criteria

Presentation marked by peers + facilitator  5%/5

Answered questions 2.5

Presented / explained clearly 2.5

Written summary marked by facilitator  10%/10

Demonstrate understanding of key issues 3

Justify your view- rationalization of the reading 2

Answer questions 2

Clearly written, grammatically correct, referencing 3


Title: Assessment 1
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: MLA


Does neoliberalism, globalization and work Life balance have any point of intersection or not? Discuss referring to the Burchielli Et al (2008) and Herrod&Aguiar papers (2006).

 There is an intersection between neoliberalism, globalization and the work life balance. To properly understand the point of intersection between this three concepts we have to go back to their definitions. Neoliberalism refers to a term which is mostly used to describe the concept of economic liberalization. It is mainly viewed as a political philosophy seeking to find a common ground between the classical economic liberalism and the social economic planning. This means that neoliberalism advocates for adoption of economic policies such as free trade, deregulation,reduction of government spending and increasing the role of the private sector in the economy (Peters, 2001).

Globalization on the other hand refers to the worldwide exchange of philosophies, views, products, ideologies and culture with the main aim being international integration.There is, therefore, a clear intersection between these two concepts. This is, for instance,is shown by the fact that during President Reagan and Prime Minister Thatcher’s tenures, there was a growth in economic liberalization, elimination of the welfare state and restructuring of the state organs in both the UK and the US (Passas, 2000). This happened as a result of neoliberalist ideas and philosophies spreading through the process of globalization. (An intersection of the two concepts).The work life balance refers to a term used to describe the


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