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Urban Studies 3 Pages

Aspects Of Planning History


Compare and contrast two or three aspects of planning history, and especially of

contemporary planning practice, between cities and regions in the United States,

Europe, Australia, and other industrialized nations vs. cities and regions in Africa, Asia,

and Latin America. Your chosen subjects might include some of the following: public

health, suburbanization, public housing, poverty alleviation, economic development,

environmental justice, or transportation, among other possibilities of your own

choosing (i.e., you do not need to choose your topic from the above list). Be sure to be

specific about the major approaches to planning characteristic of these geographies, as

well as particular examples of people, institutions, projects, AND (not “or”) places that

illustrate those ideas as implemented in practice.


Title: Aspects Of Planning History
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: MLA



The history of planning consists of various aspects. These elements substantially vary from one city to another city. On the other hand, it also varies from one region to another. That is why the way United Sates of America is planned and organized significantly differs from other regions such as Europe, Asia Australia, and Africa.  In spite of the fact that city planning has just existed as a sorted out calling for not exactly a century, it is clear that all urban communities have indeed shown different degrees of planning, what's more, a cognizant configuration in their design and how they work (Levy, 2009).


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