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ASPCA Adoptable Cats: Alicia
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Aspca Adoptable Cats: Alicia


For example, this link will bring to a cat's profile page of the old version of the website:

At this point, you can make changes to clean this page up. For the sake of your focus, I would emphasize in your write up that you are only going to be focusing on the profile of the pet. You are not going to touch the right side of the page (In This Section to Donate Your Birthday) or the Header or the Footer. I would limit yourself to the profile of the pet on the left side of the page--so from "Alicia" to "See All Adoptable Cats"

There are several things that you could change--basically change it to make it look and work better--and then explain your changes and why they make the page better.

Some suggestions:

While the pictures of the cat are great, they take up a lot of the space on the page and it is a lot for the web browser to load. I would suggest making a slideshow, where the user is looking at one picture, and then can click to the next picture within the same space. This would cut down on space and memory used.

The initial information about the cat (name, age, breed, gender, etc...) is good. But it could be better. My complaint is that this is probably the most important information--and it is just not eye-catching. I would try to make this part more noticeable and more attractive.

Finally, assuming that this is the first pet in a list compiled by the search finder, it would be cool to have a button/link that you could click to move on to the next animal or move back an animal, instead of clicking the back button and then selecting the next animal. This button would save time. Ideally, I would put it somewhere on top of the page with easy access.

So, yeah, these are three suggestions that you could use. Of course, if there are other things you rather do, feel free to do them. My only request is that your explanation is 500 words minimum. Also, please include pictures of the original page (the old version) and the redesigned page (the old version that has been altered with your changes).


Title: Aspca Adoptable Cats: Alicia
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA


ASPCA Adoptable Cats: Alicia

The re-design of this page will be limited to the center to the point where the text (See all adoptable cats) is. The aim of the re-design of the page is to make it more attractive to the eye and eventually lead to more adoptions of the pets available.

Importantly, the most significant aspect is the first picture at the top of the page. This will determine whether or not the user will scroll down to see additional features of the pet. Notably, the picture should be slightly enlarged and animated. This will be enforced by the use of PHP and HTML. The picture will enlarge once the mouse hoovers on the image to give the user the full view of the pet. This will improve the user experience and make it possible to have more individuals interested in the pets.


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