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Asian American Ethnocentrism And Discrimination


Read chapter 10 Asian Americans: Ethnocentrism and Discrimination and give a synopsis of you readings.

The book: Appleby, George, Colon, Edgar & Hamilton, Julia. (2011). Diversity, oppression, and social functioning (3rd Ed) ISBN 10: 0-205-78729-0.


Title: Asian American Ethnocentrism And Discrimination
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA


Discrimination is unfair treatment based on ethnical virtual such as skin color, language, and gender. Discrimination comes as a result of ethnocentrism, which is a belief that a person’s culture is the greatest in the world thus considering other cultures as inferior. Ethnocentrism appears like a universal syndrome having discriminatory attitudes and behavior considering in-groups as virtuous and superior and out-groups as despicable and inferior. Ethnocentrism involves substantial cognitive ability in people basing on the complexity of social and cultural inputs. According to empirical evidence obtained from psychology, there is a strong personal tendency of biases in favor of in-groups although social factors play a significant role in ethnocentric behavior (Appleby, Colon, & Hamilton, 2011). This bias was experienced in the Asian American community through the treatment the minority groups received. This, in turn, divides the community into different groups, which think are better than the others hence deserve a better treatment. Ethnocentrism and Discrimination were most experienced in the Asian American community. The minority groups were discriminated based on racism, stereotype, ethnic and linguistic.


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