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Article Review: The Why And The How Of Voluntary Stuttering


This paper is about highlighting important points of the article. Please write about 6 important points of the paper and explain why they are important. The synopsis will include a brief summary of the article, as well as ideas/perspectives from the article that are important.

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Title: Article Review: The Why And The How Of Voluntary Stuttering
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: APA


Voluntary Stuttering

Voluntary stuttering is an act of strategically repeating words by an adult speaker as a speech tool during an interactive conversational speech between two people. It is purposefully done in most cases when beginning a conversation to avoid its dominance to control the stuttering situations within the conversation. Most stutterers shun the act of voluntary stuttering since it is counterintuitive. Voluntary stuttering entailsthe commitment of one’s emotions hence the listeners should be in a comfort zone.


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