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Article Review In Criminal Justice: The Jodi Arias Case


BRIEF ARTICLE REVIEW AND EXPLANATION ON HOW THE ARTICLE RELATES TO THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE FIELD. (SUCH AS IT REFERS TO BILL OF RIGHTS, OR DEGREES OF MURDER, PROSECUTIONS, Amendments, The jail system, type of crimes, felonies, misdemeanor, police officer using discretion, laws, victim rights, criminal right, rights in general, the trial process and system,warrants, search warrants,juvenile rights,prosecutions,prosecutors, judges rights, prison system,) just anything involving criminal justice

Reference the article Judge bans live TV coverage of Jodi Arias retrial, keeps case in Phoenix, won't sequester jury


Title: Article Review In Criminal Justice: The Jodi Arias Case
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: APA


Article Review in Criminal Justice: The Jodi Arias Case

Murder is one of the capital offenses in most if not all countries of the world. This means that murder is often punishable by death. Jodi Arias is a lady who was convicted of the murder of her boyfriend by stabbing and shooting, in the year 2008. Although the suspect has often maintained that she committed the crime in self defense after the deceased attacked her, the prosecutors believed that she had pre-meditated it. This drove the prosecutors to push for the death penalty. However, the case drew an immense amount of public pressure at that time. The pressure was so much that there was worry among the defense counsel that the jury had been compromised. Eventually, the jury was unable to decide where the accused should get the death penalty. This set the stage for a second penalty phase.


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