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Article Review In Criminal Justice


BRIEF ARTICLE REVIEW AND EXPLANATION ON HOW THE ARTICE RELATES TO THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE FIELD. (SUCH AS IT REFERS TO BILL OF RIGHTS, OR DEGREES OF MURDER, PROSECUTIONS, Amendments, The jail system, type of crimes, felonies, misdemeanor, police officer using discretion, laws, victim rights, criminal right, rights in general, the trial process and system,warrants, search warrants,) just anything involving criminal justice


Title: Article Review In Criminal Justice
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: APA


Article Review in Criminal Justice

Inhumane acts are not uncommon in the world today. Larry Russell, a forty year old man from Indiana, committed such an inhumane act to his three adopted children. Russell confined the children to their bedrooms for weeks. During this time, the children were denied access to food, water and use of the bathroom. Russell pleaded guilty to the charges of criminal confinement and neglect, charges that judge John Roach of the Vigo Superior Court found deserving of a twenty-four year sentence.


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