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Article Review: Erik Brynjolfsson and Lorin M. Hitt (2010)
Law 3 Pages

Article Review: Erik Brynjolfsson And Lorin M. Hitt (2010)


Article selection: you should review any academic/ research article with the below qualities

  • Available in professional journals not general interest magazines. Many of these journals are available via the AUS library website or in the library including journals on Mass communication; journalism studies; PR practices; Journalism practices; etc., you can use the databases available at AUS library. 
  • If the article you are reviewing is related to the legal system or regulations try to focus on articles related to issues of privacy; defamation, slander and libel; freedom of the press; or others listed in your syllabus.
  • Judge the suitability and relevance of the article by its abstract
  • The article should not be reviewed by more than one group
  • The article selected must deal with an issue that is related to media laws or ethics in one of the gulf countries, the United States of America, the United Kingdom or any of the Arab countries.
  • Check with me if you have questions or uncertainties regarding the article.
  • Relevance and use of information learnt from article.
  • Selected articles must be accepted by the instructor.
  • Avoid articles that you cannot understand for their theoretical nature or their statistical analyses :- Example Link

Article Review 

  • Information page: author, year, title, publication, pages, volume, issue.
  • Introduction
  • How is the article related to the course?
  • Statement explaining your choice of article
  • The main question/issue of the article? Or argument the article is making.
  • Body:
  • The most important findings
  • The most learned materials
  • How is this learning material related to things we have learned so far in class.
  • Questions that require answers or further research
  • Conclusion:
  • You overall evaluation of the significance of the article, its findings in relation to mass communication practitioners

The review should be 

  • 3-4 pages 1200-1500 words.
  • Types and double spaced.
  • Formal error-free writing.
  • Submitted electronically MS word before the deadline stated in the syllabus.
  • Article reviewed should be attached to the assignment.

View the attached document  for referrence: Article Review Assignment


Title: Article Review: Erik Brynjolfsson And Lorin M. Hitt (2010)
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: APA


Article Review

Erik Brynjolfsson and Lorin M. Hitt (2010) A review of information technology, business performance, and organizational transformation (345 pages) vol1


Information technology has been termed as one of the fastest growing sectors in the modern world. Nearly all departments in an organization have the involvement of information technology. The article relates to this course in the sense that technology is part of Law and Ethics. Its usage is wide, and in nearly all fields. In this review, there will be the reviewing of the question how investments that are in information technology linked to organizational transformation and higher productivity. The question will be based on the significance of the studies carried out at the firm level.


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