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Article Review: Comparison Of A User Centered Design


Schnall et al. (2015) Comparison of a User-Centered Design, Self-Management App to Existing mHealth Apps for Persons Living With HIV.

  1. What were the four methods applied in this paper in evaluating user-centered design?
  2. Getting current clinical information into mobile health applications can be challenging. For each of the following categories, describe one type of information exchange standard that could be used (note that you will need to refer to textbooks and lectures, as this information is not provided in article):
    1. Communications (specifically provider-patient)
    2. Lab reports
    3. Medication logs / Pharmacy information
  3. The article begins its discussion with the following statement: “Wide gaps exist between user-desired functionality of apps and those which currently exist for patient living with HIV.” Identify three areas where more than half the apps lacked functionality and why each is important.
  4. Identify and describe one method for user-centered design that was not used in this research but could be potentially valuable in evaluating mobile health apps.

Title: Article Review: Comparison Of A User Centered Design
Length: 3 pages (1181 Words)
Style: APA


Answer One

The user centered designs, which refer to the project approach that puts the intended users at the central position of its design and development, are evident throughout the paper.  The first method of evaluation of user-centered design used in the paper is the use of focus groups. A focus group refers to selecting a group of participants and encouraging them to share their thoughts, attitudes, feelings, and ideas on a subject. The method of organizing focus groups has been used in the paper as a way to conduct research. In acquiring information on how feasible, effective, and attractive the platform of the mobile health apps discussed in the paper are, there were participatory sessions conducted, as well as usability evaluation methods used through the focus group method of user-centered design. Focus group is mainly used as an input to design. The method generally produces non-statistical data and is a good means of getting information about the subject of research. Some of the factors that have helped the paper to successfully utilize the design include the experienced authors, who played the roles of...


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