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Education 2 Pages

Article Critique


Assignment 1: Quantitative Research Manuscript Critique (Jonathan, G. (2011). Perceptions of the barriers to effective inclusion in one primary school:voices of teachers and teaching assistants. Support for Learning, 6(2), 56-63).

In this module we expanded our knowledge about quantitative methodology.

Manuscript Reference:

Type of Study: Quantitative

Research Topic:

Purpose of the Study:

Overarching Research Question or Theory:

Specific Research Questions/ Hypotheses:


Quantitative Research method design: (survey, experimental, quasi-experimental, pretest/posttest control group, cross-sectional, longitudinal, etc.)

Procedure: (How was the data collected?)

Variables: (Identify the Dependent and Independent Variables. For each variable identify the measurement scale: nominal, ordinal, continuous)

Instrument(s) analysis: (Discuss reliability and validity of the measures included in the study.)

Data analysis: (Identify the statistical software, if any, used in analysis of the data and they type of analyses included.)

Consent: What type of consent, if any, was obtained from the participants?

All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.


Title: Article Critique
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA


Article critique

The purpose of researching on inclusion barriers is to examine the barriers associated with inclusion in one primary school, in North of England. The main question of this research is whether the practitioner, that is the teachers and teachings assistants, are the main barriers to effective inclusion. The study also examine on whether parents of children with special needs are resistant in promoting inclusion. The hypothesis of the study should suggest “there will be several barriers of educating children with special needs together with non disabled ones as opposed to a school that educate only non disabled students.”  This article uses one school as a sample, which I find inadequate since the use of several schools could have provided a wide range of perceptions.


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