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Read Chapter 1, "About Interpretation" in your text (Pgs 1 - 37).

NOTE: Be certain to be comprehensive in your responses in order to receive full credit. One or two sentence responses are NOT acceptable.

OK -- Why in the world is there an apple above this guys head? Are we being deceived by the artist?

1 - When you read this chapter and digest some of what the author has to say, what is significant to you about the author's and others' perspectives of Magritte's art?

2 - When you look at Matgritte's works, how do you interpret what the artist is trying to communicate?

3 - After reading the author's and other interpretations of Magritte's works, how do you view the works differently than when you first saw the images?

4 - What have you learned about Magritte that you didn't know before?

5 - How has that changed your viewpoint of his art - if any?

6 - What is Suzi Gablik's perspective of Magritte's works?

a - What makes Gablik's perspective unique?

b - When Gablik states that Magritte is like a "philosopher who uses paint to express ideas", what does she mean?

7 - What does the author mean by the statement, "Interpretations of artworks need not be limited to what the artist intended in making those artworks." ?

Read the personal interpretations of Magritte under the section of the chapter "Magritte and Everyday Interpreters".

8 - Give one example of an interpretation from the fourth grade class and share how this interpretation gives you insight or meaning into Magritte's works.

9 - Give one example of an interpretation from the high school, college class, or from that of the instructors and share how this interpretation gives you insight or meaning into Magritte's works.

10 - In what way does your experience with the contents of this chapter give you insight with regard to viewing art?


Title: Art
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: MLA



Question 1

In the book Interpreting Art, Terry Barrett explains the artworks of Rene Magritte, one of the most celebrated Belgian artists who achieved popular acclaim because of his idiosyncratic approach to surrealism. The most significant aspect of Magritte’s work that Terry states is his exploration of surrealism. However, Barrett uses his work The Postcard to explore questions regarding interpretation especially the ones that can be explored through direct observation.


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