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Argumentative Essay On Why Socialism Doesn't Work


Write a four page argumentative essay on why socialism doesn't work.


Title: Argumentative Essay On Why Socialism Doesn't Work
Length: 4 pages (1236 Words)
Style: MLA


Why Socialism Does Not Work

Socialism is an economic and political philosophy of the social organization, which stipulates that world's resources should be owned in common by an entire global population. It argues that methods of distribution, production, and trade should belong or be controlled by the entire community ("What is Socialism?"). Socialism means that everybody has the right to be involved in the decision-making process on how world resources will be utilized. It means that nobody will have personal control of resources unless they are personal possessions. Under socialism, people would be involved in making social decisions that later will have adverse consequences for them. Socialism fosters free access to goods and services that will help people to satisfy their needs and wants. Socialism will never work because it does not promote prosperity, security, and equality. It only results in tyranny, poverty, and misery. Discussed below are the reasons for the failure of socialism in the world.


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