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Are Vegetables Healthier Than Other Food?


Thesis: Can vegetable satisfy most of what we need every day with a little other kinds of food?

Will vegetable as a major food more than other kinds make me healthier?


Title: Are Vegetables Healthier Than Other Food?
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Vegetables are a major food source in the world as most people consume them in almost every meal around the clock. Others follow a diet although the number of those who strictly stick to a diet as the only way of livelihood is small. Many people take junk food that is not healthy though those who are keen on their health matters have become cautious and restricted their eating habits to avoid diseases. Avoiding fatty foods and eating vegetables is one of the ways many have resorted as a way of avoiding foods with a larger amount of cholesterol. However, vegetables have been identified to have effects on health on long term use in the same way as continued consumption of meat. Some of the health risks include the danger of getting breast cancer and also effects on human bodily and physical performances. People will always ask if vegetables as a major food will be healthier than other kinds. 

Obesity has become a major problem in the United States, and one of the reasons is that people eat lots of sugary foods, which have high fat and heat. Compared to those foods, vegetables are healthier with low fat and without cholesterol. Individuals who like to build their bodies have very controlled nourishment methods. They can only intake a certain amount of fat and energy every day while keeping their body fat low and providing enough energy and most prefer lots of vegetables and a little of carbohydrate. Many long-lived people choose to have vegetables instead of meat or starch. The public believe it’s reasonable and start to take the advice, no matter what age.


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