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Are Lodging Customers Ready To Go Green?


Topic:Are lodging customers ready to go green?

  1. Read and provide a summary of the journal article.
  2. Identify if it relates to a potential risk to a business. If it is related to an aspect of law - tort, contract, employment, human rights, form of business organization, safety (crime), etc., identify the law involved.
  3. Provide information on how you would address the risk to reduce or eliminate the risk.
  4. If you can relate the article to one of the other courses in your degree program, you should include details of how it relates - Organizational behaviour, human resource management, economics, accounting, tourism marketing, facility management, event planning, food safety and preparation, etc.

In response to questions about the possible length I provided the following information in a posting on Moodle on November 9, 2015

General Outline for Assignment:

You are required to provide a summary of the content of the journal article. The journal articles assigned vary in length so the length of the summary may also vary. Subject to the length and detail of the journal article your summary should be no longer than a page to a page and a half. For example if your journal article is 20 pages it could be a page and a half; if your article is 4 pages your summary should be at the very longest 3/4 of a page. (You are identifying the risk in the summary section)

Your discussion of how the material in the journal article relates to your courses in the BHTM degree program should be no longer that 7 pages no shorter than 5 pages. (In this section you are identifying how the risk relates to the information you have received in the law and the other courses in the degree program)


Title: Are Lodging Customers Ready To Go Green?
Length: 6 pages (1903 Words)
Style: MLA


Are Lodging Customers Ready To Go Green?


 The article addresses several prospects concerning green hotels and the potential customers. The article contains 422 studies, which try to answer major research questions concerning green hotels. The studies try to find out whether the eco-friendly attitudes of hotels are able to influence their customer’s eco-friendly attitudes on visiting green hotels, spreading positive information about green hotels as well as their behavior towards paying more for green hotel. In this, the study also tries to find out the attitude that has the greatest impact. Additionally, the study tries to find out how the customers’ intentions differ based on age, gender, education, and household income. Finally, the study tries to find out how the intentions differ based on the customer’s previous experience through visiting the green hotels. The study found out that customers’ attitudes towards green hotels were associated with their intentions to visit green hotels, spreading word of mouth about green hotels as well as paying more for the services offered in green hotels. The study also found gender differences in customers’ intentions top visit green hotels. Additionally, it was found that the intentions of customers to seek green hotels services were affected by their previous experiences.


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