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Architectural Interpretation


I'm asking you to make some thoughtful comments.  Please say more than 8 sentences. Be creative and imaginative in your responses.  Just how do each of these buildings represent their own time, place, and the people they serve?  And by the way, you may have to draw on your knowledge of other disciplines (social history, anthropology, sociology, philosophy, economics). Use your critical thinking skills!


Title: Architectural Interpretation
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: MLA


Architectural Interpretation

A building’s design by an architect depends on the purpose and the symbolic representation of the people around the area where they want the structure erected. Lloyd’s building represents the development of insurance services from the simple ones to the better ones. The need for people to insure their properties, as well as their lives, eases the recovery of those assets. Besides, the staircases and the elevators eased the movement of people from floor to floor, economizing on time. By the way, the building is meant for business, whose aim is to make profits.


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