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Application To Summer Exchange/ Internship Programs


The programs' names are the CIEE Shanghai Summer Internship and the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Business School Exchange.

I am current a business school student in the personal finance/financial planning major in my sophomore year in college.

I am also an international student who comes from China, the internship opportunities provided within the huge cities in my home country will help me make connections between the coursework/knowledge I study in a American college and the new and rising Asian market, etc

Please write an admission essay for applying these two exchange/internship opportunities for this summer.

In your essay, please indicate the following promote:

  • What research have you conducted when selecting your top choice programs(s)?
  • How will study abroad at your top choice program(s) advance your academic, career, and personal goals?
  • Study abroad requires a great deal of flexibility, independence, and planning. Describe a time when you demonstrated these qualities to reach a goal.

Title: Application To Summer Exchange/ Internship Programs
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: N/A


Application to Summer Exchange/ Internship Programs

I have always had a passion to pursue a business program. This is the reason that influenced me to enroll as a business school student in financial planning and personal finance. The passion and interest came from my childhood dreams of managing a reputable organization and owning assorted businesses where I employ other people. I have experienced some people being mistreated by their employers and would, therefore, want to become the best employer. Advancing my studies in business will also help me improve my communication skills that are essential in everyday activities.


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