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Apple Inc Financial Evaluation


Using Apple Inc's financial statements, calculate and evaluate the firm’s sustainable growth rate (SGR) for the last 2–3 years, and summarize your findings in your paper. Be sure to address the following:

•What are the sustainable growth rates for your subject company over the period that you studied?

•How do they compare with the actual growth rates that the company experienced over the period studied?

•What are the consequences faced by firms that grow at a rate that is not consistent with their sustainable rate?

•If the firm grew at a rate above or below the SGR, how did it finance its excessive growth or reward its stockholders for the underperformance?

•Based on your analysis, do you believe the firm's growth strategy is sound and maximizes the value of the firm with reasonable levels of risk?


Title: Apple Inc Financial Evaluation
Length: 2 pages (636 Words)
Style: APA



Part 1

Apple has been on the expansion front as its products receive robust sales demand. In this regard, it has been important for the organization to expand its asset base in order to meet the increase in the revenue base. In this regard, the organization has faced a decrease in the return on assets just slightly from 17.89% to 17.04%. Such decline in the return on assets has occurred despite the improving profitability of the organization. The organization’s gross profit margins have increased from37.62% to 38.59% over the period under evaluation.


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