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Communications 3 Pages

Apollo 13 Small Group Analysis


Assignment Description

Watch the 1995 film Apollo 13*  and write a short paper describing the small group communication you observe in the

film, including the meaningful use of a minimum of three textbook terms selected from the following list:

      Group role terms:      Any of the 21 roles listed on pages 100-102.  (Note that the word “leader” is not included.)

      Leadership terms:     Influence; legitimate power; reward power; punishment power; coercion; expert power; referent power; information power; ecological power; designated leader; emergent leader; autocratic leadership; democratic leadership; laissez-faire leadership; transactional leadership;

                                            transformational leadership; charismatic leadership

      Misc. terms:               Nonverbal communication, mixed message, synergy, cohesiveness, primary tension, secondary tension, tertiary tension, explicit norms, implicit norms, defensiveness, dogmatism, provisionalism, superordinate goal, symbolic convergence, group potency, autonomy, groupthink

Meaningful use of a term implies that you explain what the term means, as well as illustrate how the term applies to a

specific aspect of the film.  Example:

                                            “The leadership concept of […] refers to situations when […].  This particular

                                            conversation between Lovell and Swigert illustrates this concept because […].”

You will need to make your own arrangements for viewing this film.  If a number of students choose to view it together, you may hold a group discussion, but please be sure that the papers are your own individual work.  Similar comments are to be expected, as you will be writing about the same subject, but there should be no cut-and-paste, or evidence of using another’s work as a template.  Evidence of duplication will be subject to procedures under the Academic Honesty policy.


Title: Apollo 13 Small Group Analysis
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: APA


            Human beings have always been known to be social beings, hence, the need for quality communication to fulfill this need. Small group communication is one of the avenues through which people interact. It entails the interpersonal communication within groups of between three or more people connected through mutual influence, a shared identity and a common purpose. The movie Apollo 13 contains several scenes, which entailed small group communication. It enlightens the viewer on the times when American’s National Astronaut and Space Association (NASA) were trying so hard to beat the Russians to become the first to land on the moon. In fact, their success and failure impacted socially on the American and international life.


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