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Antigone Debate


Following our first Class Debate, you will submit a 500-word essay reviewing the essential details of the debate and reflecting on your role in it. You may also include an evaluation of how you feel the debate went as long as you provide “proof” (specific examples of events) from the debate to support your assessment. Like the Bible Case Study, this assignment may also be written in the first person. 

Please read it carefully and also read the Antigone story PDF file to get the idea about the debate and writ 500 words at less.


Title: Antigone Debate
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: N/A


Antigone Debate

            The decision to support Antigone in this debate is null because of the atrocities that she committed without any proper justification. I really want to support Creon’s decision because am sure that unlike Antigone, at least he has a sane thinking in justifying what he does as the play unfolds. Reflecting briefly on the previous debate, I tend to place emphasis on the fact that the evil acts Antigone did are not defensible. As such, it is good arguing from the perspective of Creon. In this regard, am urging my colleagues to consider taking my decision to support Creon since their arguments about Antigone will not suffice. There is no right action in disobeying the law to commit a crime an outrageous crime for the sake of safeguarding personal interests.


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