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Antibiotic Use In Livestock


Describe the issue and the current status of the situation. Discuss the underlying public,political issues that surround this concern. Why is this an important public concern? Present YOUR position on the issue. Make sure to Use scientific journal articles and governmental statistics to describe the dangers of using the antibiotics in livestock.


Title: Antibiotic Use In Livestock
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: APA


Antibiotic Use in Livestock

 The use of antibiotics as a medical intervention has served to alleviate pain and many other ailments that would have otherwise proved fatal to people’s well-being and health. Basically, at one point or another, medical practitioners have had to engage the use of antibiotics in the treatment process of a particular infection. Antibiotics use has not been limited to the human species alone. Recent times have seen a rise in the use of antibiotics to treat livestock. It has however inspired the raging debate on the plausibility of applying antibiotic remedies to treat animal ailments.


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