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Management 81 Pages

Antecedents Of Organizational Commitment In Electricity Company


How long have you been working in the organization?

What is your job at the organization?

Commitment levels

  1.  How committed are you to your employer? Why (if the response focuses on low or high levels of commitment ask the questions below)
  2.  How long did it take for you to develop the high commitment you have described?
  3. What are the reasons for low level of employee commitment you have explained?
  4. If you are given a job opportunity of the same time of job and salary or better would you switch jobs? If yes why?

Antecedents of commitment


  1.  How frequently does your supervisor communicate to you?
  2. What issues does your supervisor communicate to you?
  3. Which channels are used in the communication process?
  4. Which channel do you consider as most effective? Why?
  5. What is the effect of communication on your commitment to the organization?
  6. How is the communication between work colleagues?
  7. Do you have social relationship with work colleagues?

Reward and recognition 

  1. Does your organization offer reward and recognition programs?
  2. Do you know the criteria used to allocate these programs? Please explain
  3. Have you ever been recognized and rewarded for you work? What was the reward?
  4. Do you think the reward and recognition program has any effect on your commitment to the firm?

Employee development 

  1. Which type of employee development programs are found in your organizations?
  2. Has the organization communicated to you the criteria for participating in these programs? Please describe the criteria
  3. Have you ever participated in these programs? If not, what has prevented you from being a participant?
  4. Do you consider employee development as having any impact on your level of commitment?

Extended employee care

  1. What are the employee benefits offered by your organization?
  2. Do you consider these benefits as adequate?
  3. Do you think the benefits are according to industry standards?
  4. Do you think that the types of employee benefits affect your commitment to your organization?

Factors that improve commitment

  1. From your personal perspective, which factors do you consider important in enhancing your commitment to your organization? Please describe the ways in which these factors improve your commitment?

Impact of Commitment on Turnover, Performance, and Productivity

  1. What do you consider is the effect of your level of commitment on your productivity? please explain
  2.  Are you loyal to your employer? Would leave your current employer? Why or why not?
  3. Do you think that the level of commitment has any effect on your performance of your tasks? Please explain

Title: Antecedents Of Organizational Commitment In Electricity Company
Length: 81 pages (23027 Words)
Style: APA



Organizational commitment is dependent on employee motivation. Researchers have found that employees who are motivated are better performers and their commitment to the organization is stronger. Motivated employees are also willing to take extra job responsibilities. Their productivity is higher and rate of turnover is higher. Considering that human resource is the most important form of resource available to the company, there is a compelling case for investing in employee motivation in order to promote employee commitment. Once employees are commitment to their companies, they are unwilling to change employers. In this paper, the author seeks to understand the level of organizational commitment in Saudi Arabia. Commitment level is important for Saudi Arabia is important because the country is in the middle of a transition from commodity-based economy to diversified mixed economy. This paper finds out that the level of commitment in Saudi Arabia is high. The research finds out that motivation is an important antecedent to organizational commitment.


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