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Answer The Question


 Assume you are trying to decrease turnover in your organization. 

Which types of fit would you focus on improving in order to decrease 

  • your turnover? Why?
  •  Discuss the nature of psychological contracts and psychological contract breaches. Provide a specific example of a psychological contract breach using one of the three organizational justice perceptions. Given the nature of this breach, what are some likely attitudinal and behavioral responses would you expect? What can managers do to reduce the likelihood of a psychological contract breach?
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Title: Answer The Question
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1a. Discuss Deci & Ryan’s theory of intrinsic motivation.   b. What factors do they state are necessary for intrinsic motivation to develop in individuals?

The authors argue that intrinsic motivation is founded on the self-determination, innate, and organismic needs for competence. First, excitement and interest are important emotions that accompany intrinsic. For example, if someone’s enjoyment and interests are influenced by a certain environment, then they are likely to spend most of the time in that environment. The authors argue that excitement and interest are the foundations of intrinsically motivated behavior. Self-determination is also a component of intrinsic motivation that influences employees to work hard under intense pressure.


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