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Annoted Bibliography: Cyber Crime


Choose a communication theory from the bullets below.

  • Cultural Studies, Cultivation Analysis, Spiral of Silence and Media Ecology theories but NOT Uses and Gratifications
  • Any of the Culture and Diversity theories
  • Any of the Relationship Development theories 

Search for three peer-reviewed journal articles about the communication theory or by the name of the person you selected to see if communication research on that theory has been applied to your area. You may also want to limit the search by using other keywords for your specific area of study or career interest.

Write an introductory paragraph (~250-300 words) describing the reasons you chose that theory or researcher in the context of the following question:

How can an understanding of Communication Theory supplement your skills and the insights you will need to succeed in your future work?  

Select three articles from the databases in your field of study or career interest that support your thesis in response to the question.

Write an annotated bibliography for the three articles that best support your thesis. If you are unfamiliar with an annotated bibliography, click on Resources > Effective Writing Center in the classroom navigation bar to learn about them from our writing center, or go to the Purdue OWL. You need to write a complete APA citation for each article. Then write a summary of at least 150 words for each article that includes an explanation of how the article supports your thesis. Make sure each summary or “annotation” includes a specific quote that illuminates what you learned from the article. 


Title: Annoted Bibliography: Cyber Crime
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA


This report is instigated by Everis, a multinational consulting firm involved in the provision of business strategy solutions, application growth, and maintenance and outsourcing of services. The aim of the paper is as explicit as it appears on the heading, as the paper skims through the basic segments of cyber security for a layman’s understanding. Three major issues are expounded, including an explanation of what entails cyber security, identification of the cyber threat, and the participation of the US government in the provision of cyber security. Cyber security is a segment of computer knowledge related to information security as applied to networks and computers. The changing demands of a nascent information technology market suggest a future change in terminology since cyber is a modern representation of what used to be information. Further, the author explains a cyber threat as the threat of attack posed by either level of personal data, financial systems, industry and government systems. Personal data is exposed to cyber threat in a variety of ways including phishing, compromise of weak passwords, and finally, hacking of merchant websites placing databases containing personal information at compromise. The article further explains the structure of financial systems and how such institutions face continuous attacks. Sensitive sites such as PayPal


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