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Analysis Of The Impact Of Changing Gbe Using Business Concepts And Principles


Essay – Analysis of the impact of changing GBE using business concepts and Principles

You have been just appointed Export Manager of a medium sized Australian winery HolyCow Pty Ltd . The Marketing Director has appointed you because the company wants to go global. The Managing Director has heard that India, Vietnam and southern China (Hong Kong) represent good prospects. Your first task is to prepare a pre-feasibility report on the key factors to be borne in mind in preparing to tackle these markets. 

Your report and recommendations will be discussed at the monthly sales and marketing meeting and you will be expected to subsequently make a presentation at the Company’s next Board meeting. The company currently crushes almost 5000 tonnes of grapes per year and has a good reputation as a medium and high end quality manufacturer.


Title: Analysis Of The Impact Of Changing Gbe Using Business Concepts And Principles
Length: 12 pages (3548 Words)
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A Market Feasibility Study of South China, India and Vietnam


The local Australian wine market is saturated with competitors. Therefore, to ensure the maintenance of competitive advantage by the HolyCow Pty Wine Company Limited, there is the need to considera to wider global markets. Okpara (2008) observes the first step towards this achievement. The management is required to make proper consideration of the regional market of the neighboring countries. In fact, the unprecedented economic boom in most of the recently industrialized Asian nations begs the opportunistic need to tap into recently liberalized market. Additionally, observed population boom over the last half of the century implies the presence of cheap labor and widening group of mid-income earners who are the target market segment for any successful wine industry (Brooks et al., 2011). The most promising countries for possible expansion of the wine company include the highly market liberalized Hong Kong, the well-populated India, and the strategically located Vietnam.

Pre-Feasibility Study

There are various factors that should be considered by every company that intends to become a well-established global competitive player. These considerations include the level of technological advancements, especially in relation to the production level in the company. Recent advancement in robotic technology, especially in the industrialized economies, have subsequently replaced humans, thus, ensuring the significant cuts on the cost of operation while at  the same time ensuring higher efficiency levels of production. Consideration of this is crucial to any company that seeks to gain a competitive status in a global business environment. Furthermore, political factors such as government policies, regulations, and commitment to offer assistance to foreign companies should also be looked into. The situation of political stability yields an influence on market expansion decisions given the political harmony that any business venture requires in order to fully operate and attain its goals and objectives. Social and cultural status plays a role in that it should be favorable to business activities.


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