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Management 3 Pages

Analysis Of Post Ipo Firm.


Each presentation must succinctly explain: 

What is the firm’s business model? How is it disruptive? What are the key dimensions of disruption used by the firm? 

Who are the incumbents and new entrants and how are they reacting?;

What kinds of changes is the firm making post IPO? Try to apply all the concepts and

models from the course. A total time of 7 minutes will be allocated to each presentation.

Each team with post their video as a new discussion on Canvas. Classmates will view

each video and comment on them in the online discussion.

here is a list of NASDAQ IPOs expected in May 2015:

I choose I would like to research Black Night Financial services with Kervis Boston.


Title: Analysis Of Post Ipo Firm.
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: APA



Black Night Financial Services is a leading provider of workflow automation and data analysis and integrated technology to the mortgage industry. According to NYSE, the firm stock got off to a good start rising from an earlier anticipated price of $24.50 to $26.25. Amazingly, the closing stock was sold at $27.11 which is 10% higher than the initial stock price. The stock has continued rising and reached the highest price of $28.78 and currently it goes at around $28.25. The firm’s IPO underwriters such as Bank of America, J.P. Morgan Securities, Credit Suisse Securities, NYSE, and Deutsche Bank Securities intend to capitalize on the rising value of its stock to release a positive report that would attract more investors. The investors willing to buy into the firm, should take advantage of the current buying opportunity availed by the forthcoming quiet period expiration. This is corroborated by a research illustrating a strong relationship between reputation and quality of Black Night Financial Services’ underwriters and increase in price surrounding the event.


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