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Analysis Of Formalization


1. Organizational Structure is a key element in getting firm
capabilities and resources to work right for you. Choose any of the
organizational characteristics of MNC's (Formalization, Specialization,
Centralization) discussed in the book and give an example of how that
looks in a real life organization.

2. Which of the entry strategies do yo think is most interesting and
why? Provide an example of this strategy with a real life organization.


Title: Analysis Of Formalization
Length: 1 pages (324 Words)
Style: APA


Analysis of Formalization 

Formalization in an organization involves a series of rules and guidelines to be followed. The procedures, however, vary from one organization to another. Some organizations regard highly the use of formalization in their structure.  The employees of such organizations perceive their working conditions more positively when there are strict rules guiding them. However, some organizations consider formalization as less significant. As a result, the organizations lack well written guidelines on how to go about their operations (Luthans, 2009).


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