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An Overview Of The State Of Nigeria


Step 1: Choose a country (NOT the UNITED STATES or one located in EUROPE) 

Step 2: In three pages (Size 12, Times New Roman Font, and Double Spaced) discusses three of the following items as they relate to your country: 

  1. The population distribution and the state in the Demographic Transition Model (provide a population pyramid of your country). 
  2. The major religion practiced (identity). 
  3. The gender differences 
  4. Major conflicts located/happening there 
  5. Economic state of the country (GDP, exports, imports, etc.) 

Step 3: Finally, answer the following question: 

What insights do these answers provide about the current state


Title: An Overview Of The State Of Nigeria
Length: 3 pages (925 Words)
Style: MLA


An Overview of the State of Nigeria 

Nigeria is a state located on the western part of the continent of Africa and borders Benin, Chad and Cameroon. It was first called the Federal Republic of Nigeria and comprises of about 36 states added up with its capital city Abuja. It covers a surface area of 923, 768 sq. km. Its currency is referred to as the Nigerian Naira. Its official language is English but has an additional over 500 indigenous languages with the most common ones being Igbo, Hausa, Fulani and Yoruba.It consists of a federal form of presidential system of governance. The state of Nigeria was colonized by Britons in the early 19th century and attained independence in 1960.


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