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English 101 6 Pages

An Important Moment In My Life


Pick a moment in your life that has been important and use it to write a personal narrative. This moment should be vivid enough for you to remember, but not so close to you that you cannot properly reflect on the event. These moments can be overt in meaning or subtle in content. It is the writing that makes the moment important and impactful for the reader. There must be certain elements present in the narrative: sensory details plot arch, clear organization, and reflection.

Additional Requirements:

  • 5(important) pages double-spaced
  • MLA Format
  • Conventional Grammar and Mechanics

Title: An Important Moment In My Life
Length: 6 pages (1650 Words)
Style: MLA


An Important Moment in my Life

I had not learned swimming and deep diving until I met Ben. He has been one of my best friends that I can count on in my life. Although I met Ben in an environment where everyone seemed to reject and discriminate me, I have come to learn that best friends are hard to find but are the best thing to keep. Presently, I consider swimming and deep sea diving as a talent that was hidden within my potential. I would consider Ben as the first person in my life to realize my potential and influence me to utilize it towards the apprehension of my talent.

            I was ten years old when my parents decided to migrate to New York. That implied that I had to change school, leave my old friends, and start a process of making new ones. I naturally have a quiet personality that makes it challenging to approach people in new places and make friends. However, I am always receptive to other people; though I am choosy when it comes to selection of the character of my friends. This is the reason that I felt uncomfortable with the migration because I was sure it would give me a hard time socializing with kids in the new school. After a lengthy discussion with my parents, I took the courage and promised them that I would be bold and demonstrate good character and personality in my new school.


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