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An Ideological Analysis Of The Kibbutz In Israel


Write a paper on an ideological analysis on the kibbutz in Israel. Introduction, context, discussion, analysis, and conclusion.


Title: An Ideological Analysis Of The Kibbutz In Israel
Length: 5 pages (1375 Words)
Style: MLA


An Ideological Analysis of the Kibbutz in Israel

            The Israel Kibbutz is a voluntary collective community, mainly rural and agricultural. Kibbutz sought to create a utopian community where there is no private wealth, the community caring for the needs of all its members (What exactly is a Kibbutz). The members also enjoy equality and cooperation in production, consumption, as well as education. In these communities, the Marxists ideal of “to each according to his or her needs; from each according to his or her ability” adheres. A pioneering group comprising former Palestine Land Development Company workers formed the first such settlement, ‘Kevuzah’ in 1909 at Deganyah. The movement grew in popularity and by 1914, there already were 11 kevuzot set on Jewish National Fund Land. The early kevuzot had small memberships based on the idea that the members should be a closely-knit group akin to a family. After the First World War, larger numbers of pioneering settlers necessitated the formation of larger self-sufficient villages. These new types of settlements combined agriculture and industry, leading to use of the word Kibbutz for the first time to describe them (Sosis and Bradley 114). En Harod was the first of these types of Kibbutz, formed in 1921, paving the way for many others to follow. Throughout its evolution, from conception to date, the kibbutz movement has been heavily reliant on ideology as an adhesive among its membership (History & Overview of the Kibbutz Movement | Jewish Virtual Library). This paper seeks to provide an ideological analysis of the kibbutz phenomenon in Israel.


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