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An Empirical Comparison The Ipo Market Of The Us And China For The Past 5 Years.


The IPO market in the US and China in the past 5 years – an empirical comparison

IPO activity overview:

  • How many IPOs were there in each year at which stock exchange? 
  • What was the IPO volume? What were the drivers of IPO market activity? 
  • Which famous/large firms went public in these years?
  • Which allotment methods were applied? 
  • From which countries were the issuers?

Title: An Empirical Comparison The Ipo Market Of The Us And China For The Past 5 Years.
Length: 9 pages (2850 Words)
Style: APA


An Empirical Comparison the IPO Market of the US and China for the Past 5 Years

Problem Statement and Objective

            The topic that will be tackled in this paper is the development of the IPO market in both USA and China from the year 2011 to 2015. The topic is influenced by the consistent shifts in the trading circles of IPO’s in both countries stock exchange markets. The paper’s first objective is to ascertain the performance of stock markets in China and USA to evaluate the trends in the markets for five years. The second objective is to overview the activities of the stock markets of both countries in the five year period. The purpose of tackling the first objective is to find out the regulations, leading stock exchange markets and the popularity of different stocks.

Structure of the Paper

The paper is structured in six parts. Part one is the introductory part that describes the problem statement, structure and objectives of the paper. Part two will define and expound on the meaning of IPO and IPO markets. Part three will assess the development of the United States IPO market from the period of 2011 to 2015. Part four will determine the development of China IPO market from 2011 to 2015. Part five will assess and compare both the Chinese and American IPO markets for the five years. Part six will give the summary and outline the findings of the paper.


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