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Education 16 Pages

An Analysis Of Problem Based Learning In An Esl Context


You are to write an ESSAY to critically evaluate a specific teaching strategy covered in the module. You are encouraged to compare and contrast your selected teaching strategy with others to enhance the level of your criticality. You might like to consider including the following in your essay:

· A viable argument relevant to that teaching strategy

· Benefits and limitations of the strategy from the perspective of the teacher and the student

· Similarities and differences with other strategies

· Recommendations to overcome the limitations within the context of a mixed-ability classroom

· Critical analysis of the strategy

· Research to substantiate your discussions

· Academic style of writing (APA style)

Your assignment will be graded on 

· Fulfilment of criteria (10%)

· Organisation (15%)

· Knowledge (30%)

· Application (20%)

· Language (15%)

· Referencing (10%)

_[Writer can choose to change the outline]_

Paper outline (Headings and Sub-headings):

1) Introduction

-- Defining the Learning Atmosphere

2) Problem-based Learning (PBL): Theoretical and Conceptual Framework

-- Piaget, Vygotsky and Constructivism

-- Self-directed Learning

-- (other relevant theories...)

3) PBL and Other Interactive Teaching Approaches

-- PBL and Task-based Learning (TBL)

-- PBL and Group Investigation

-- PBL and Classroom/ Lecture Discussion

-- PBL and Direct Instruction

4) To&L Challenges and Ways to Overcome

-- Second Language Acquisition (SLA)

-- Special Educational Needs (SEN)

-- Mixed-ability Classroom

5) Implications for Practice and Future Directions


Title: An Analysis Of Problem Based Learning In An Esl Context
Length: 16 pages (4556 Words)
Style: APA


roblem-based learning in an ESL context is an effective learning approach, which responds to the needs of all students while helping the nonnative learners to be better integrated into their new environment.  Teachers use this approach in order to enable the students to learn while interacting actively with meaningful problems. In this case, learners are given the opportunity to solve problems collaboratively (Schmidt, 2011)


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