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Alienable Rights of Women
English 101 1 Page

Alienable Rights Of Women


1- read the article from this link

2-make a list for  the claim, the reasons for the claim, and the foundations of the claim.

3- write a paragraph analyzing the credibility of the evidence and a paragraph analyzing the foundation(s).  

4- use a very simple words

5- 200 words


Title: Alienable Rights Of Women
Length: 1 pages (275 Words)
Style: MLA


Alienable Rights of Women

The article is about reproductive freedom, abortion and birth control.


  • Whenever governments resolve to increase the population of their citizens, they limited the availability of contraceptives to the masses.
  • From 1973 onwards, women have had the right to terminate their pregnancies and not be forced into motherhood when they are not ready.
  • There is ongoing debate on the reproductive freedom of women. Most legislators intend to deny women this right.


  • Several states in the United States have passed bills that make vaginal ultrasound paramount for a woman intending to have an abortion. This is because they want to frustrate the women who intend to have abortions.
  • Furthermore, the information of her consent to abortion is entered into her medical record regardless of her consent.

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