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Psychology 3 Pages

Albert Fish And Psychopathy


What connections and differences are there between the terms psychopath (or any of the other terms for the untreatable character disorders that feature lack of empathy for others) and the evil perspective.


Title: Albert Fish And Psychopathy
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Question 1 

             Psycopathy is a term drawn from Greek, composed of two words, “psyche,” meaning the mind, and “pathos,” meaning suffering or disease. The term refers to a personality disorder, which is portrayed through the characteristics of shallowness of emotions, especially, those characterized by reduced fear, lowered empathy levels, stress tolerance, lack of guilt feelings, cold heartedness, egocentricity, and antisocial behaviors, including criminality and a parasitic lifestyle. According to the scientific American, psychopathy is related to criminality, violence, and conduct problems, although many psychopaths are not known to be violent; psychopaths can mask their identity tactfully (Patrick & Lilienfeld, 2011, pp. 95-162). On the other hand, the evil perspective is more of a situationist approach to the way that anti-social deeds committed by individuals can be explained, sanctioned, prevented or treated where necessary. The approach is informed and influenced by social research inquiries and theory. In explaining the reasons for evil behavior, individual dispositions are traced. Also considered, are genetic factors, pathological risk factors, personality traits, and other areas of organismic variables


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