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Air Conditioner Efficiency


Write the paper about why the central Air conditioning split system is the most efficient Air conditioning delivery system.


Title: Air Conditioner Efficiency
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When purchasing air conditioners, aspects such as their design, operating principles, and its components are vital in choosing an efficient one for the workplace, home or learning institutions. Additionally, the way in which the users install, maintain and put the equipment into proper use is very imperative in facilitating the cost-effectiveness and the reduced cost of the air conditioners (McNeil & Letschert, 2008). Air conditioners are very useful in cooling areas found indoors that cannot be adequately exposed to outside environment. Warm or hot air inside is released outwards from the given facility while the cold air outside is received and spread inside the room.

According to (Adnot et al., 2003) ,there exist various forms of air conditioners such as room air conditioners, split-system central air conditioners, and packaged central air conditioners. However, this research aims at finding out the importance and efficiency of the central air conditioning split system in A/C delivery system. The central air conditioners function by circulating cool air through a system of inlets and outlets. This type of air conditioner allows cool air from outside to enter into the room through the openings in the walls and ceilings protected by grills (Yao & Chen, 2010). The fresh air from outside circulates into the room and gets warm, later on; it flows back through the outlet channel of the central air conditioner. In regards to a split-system central air conditioner, this type of central A/C contains two main components that include an evaporator installed in the room and an outdoor cabinet that comprises of the condenser and compressor.


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