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Aging And The Difficulties The Elderly Face


Discuss the social fear of aging. You can create a list of problems or difficulties (vulnerabilities) that the elderly in particular face and provide creative solutions for each of the vulnerabilities listed.


Title: Aging And The Difficulties The Elderly Face
Length: 2 pages (676 Words)
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Aging and the Difficulties the Elderly Face

The demand and consumption for products promising to enable one to bask in the glory of their youth is very high. People are even going to extreme, and sometimes possibly life threatening, measures to beat the natural process that is aging. Society is obsessed with youth and has a deeply ingrained fear of aging.

Gerascophobia (fear of aging) arises from knowledge of the certainty of change and the impermanence of life. It comes from interactions and observations of those in the advanced stages of their lives. The frailty they exude along with the myriad of challenges they face, make the younger part of society want to delay aging as much as possible. Some of these problems include failing health, financial instability, neglect and loneliness, ageism, and abuse.

Failing Health and Frailty

 With advancement in age, the resilience of the body and strength of the immune system decrease. The elderly are more prone to age-related diseases and take longer to recover from ailments and injuries. Their bones also get weaker, hence reduced physical activity and frailty. Failing health needs addressing long before old age sets in.


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