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African American History: Slavery


A355 - Early African American History

You are to discuss/share something significant that you have gained from this class that has had an impact on you, and/or shaped, changed, broadened, or enlightened your perspective/knowledge/insights, as it specifically relates to something you have learned about African American history (i.e. - historical figures/events/ideals & universal values/knowledge, agency, etc.).  (1) Be sure to include some specific ways of HOW it has broadened, opened, and/or changed your perspective. (2) Then, elaborate on WHY/HOW this this is important and/or useful for you, in our present, or even in the future.  Inclusive in your essay response, you might address: How this different, new perspective/outlook enables you to either see, think about, understand, act/behave, judge/respond, socially engage, or move forward in MORE PRODUCTIVE and/or DIFFERENT ways.

Some suggested, possible “approaches” / Choosing an approach: The approaches below might help you to think outside of the box. They are just suggestions to get your wheels turning. However, your essay is not limited to any one of the approaches below:

  • Write your essay as if you are writing a letter to a chosen historical figure - (for example telling them how their life & contributions (political acts, written/spoken words), wisdom, agency, courage, sacrifices, etc.) have impacted you.
  • Write your essay as if you have been selected to speak in front of national & international university/college presidents as to why “Early African American History” is critically important (FOR YOU), and must continue to be included in all university/college curriculums. In doing so, you are trying to persuade them by sharing your particular experience with them of the meaningful importance such courses & some valuable insights of African American experience that you find important as a part of higher learning.  
  • Write your essay as if you are hired or selected to intern on a 2016 International Anti-Terrorist committee promoting world peace. Your job for this committee is to prepare a short talk of examples, meaning, significance, and/or contributions from African American historical experiences, insights, contributions, practices, values, morals, etc., that you believe that help promote world peace and progress;
  • You might select 1-2 quotes (with citations) from African American historical figures that you find are very important for us to remember and live by. Why are their words and insights important for you? What do they/can they mean for us in the present moment and future? Why is it important we remember their words (as valuable, universal, and/or human knowledge; and also as way of seeing & engaging our world)?
  • You are an Indiana University “recruiter of diversity,” who is also working as a community liaison back in your hometown or country. One of your major tasks is to travel the local high schools encouraging future college students to enroll in African American History classes. What would you say to them as it relates to the importance & meaning of African American history/classes, specifically as it relates to your personal experience & insights?
  • Write your essay as if you are compiling your life memoirs (like a “Last Will & Testament”) to your family, your future children, descendants, friends, etc.  Discuss/elaborate on something you’ve found to be incredibly useful, powerful, transformative, or valuable about African American history, life, experiences, knowledge, humanity, virtue, vision, power, or truth, etc., that you have incorporated or learned, lived by, and also want to pass on to them?
  • Or, you can simply, write your essay based on something that you now continue to think about and see in a way you had not seen/thought about before, as a result of this class - as it pertains to African American history, and the valuable connections to either human life, universal values, morality, justice, freedom, or even related to understanding current events now taking place in our present moment/lives.

Title: African American History: Slavery
Length: 2 pages (594 Words)
Style: APA


African-American History: Slavery

Slavery in America has existed for more than four centuries. It started in the 16th century when the first African slaves were taken to the North American colony. The slaves were required to aid in the agricultural activities that were taking place in the region by then. The African slaves were taken as cheap and more plentiful source of laborers in the production of lucrative crops such as tobacco and cotton that was later introduced in the 18th century. There were many movements formed to fight for the reconstruction of the African-American bond which lead to the American civil war of the 18th century. Many people were lynched in the process but still, there were no signs of giving up on the war against slavery.

Understanding the issue of slavery that existed in the past centuries and the contribution of the blacks to the economy of the western countries is of great significance. Take for example; the current President of the United States of America is an African-American. This shows that, despite the discriminations that existed in the past and one that might still exist in the current world, it is important for the Americans to understand that the blacks have played a great role on the developments that have been noted in the western countries.


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