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Aesthetic Description Of Jadeite


Purpose: Write an aesthetic description – show, don’t tell, and use your five senses to add detail. At this point, you are describing the object as fully as possible, but nothing more. Do not interpret. Just see.

Audience: Your peers. Write so that they notice details of the object they may have overlooked.

Writer: Requirements for this paper are as follows:

  • one full page, double spaced
  • include image of the object (take a photo or find one)
  • include citation for the object or photo
  • you do not need an introduction or conclusion, but paragraphs should be organized clearly
  • only describe! 
  • do not analyze – no statements about what the object means, is used for, etc.
  • If you need help reaching the length requirement, see the sample or the questions below.

Questions to think about / to give you ideas:

  • What is the shape of the object? the size?
  • What is used to make the object? What are its materials and/or colors? What are its parts or pieces?
  • What text or images are on the object, even down to the smallest detail?
  • What other sensory details can you include? Is the object soft, cold, heavy? Does it change or stay the same? Turn on or off? Does it have a smell? A taste?
  • What is the age of the object? Does it look new, or are there scuff marks, damage, worn-down places? (Avoid making interpretations about these, but include them)
  • Does the object have texture?

Title: Aesthetic Description Of Jadeite
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: MLA


Aesthetic Description of Jadeite

The jadeite mineral is an oval shaped crystal-like rock which is emerald green in color. In comparison, the piece of jadeite rock looks like a small marble or stone collected from a lake or a river bed. The piece of Jadeite is 5cm in length and bout 2cm in breadth. For Jadeite, the mineral is formed from volcanic activities and is composed of sodium, aluminum, silica, calcium and iron. In terms of texture, jadeite is very smooth and soft on the hand. When broken, however, the object is very fibrous and hard in nature. Sharp prickly crystals cover the surface of the rock object. Jadeite is very hard in terms of tenacity. Breaking the rock will require a large amount of pressure for it to break. In terms of reflection and light properties, jadeite is translucent in nature and sometimes sub-translucent as one cannot see through it at all. Taking a closer look, one can see with the naked eye the crystal structures of the jadeite material which almost resemble those of a diamond. In a dark place, the Jadeite rock piece does not seem to glow or emit any light.


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