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Aviation 9 Pages

Aerodynamics Of Supersonic Aircraft


Explain in your paper the theory of supersonic flight, what is shock wave, how does it behave with increasing speed, how does it affect the flight in transonic region, what is sonic boom, what are supersonic wing designs and any other related information.

 he research paper should be about 2000 words, duly illustrated with diagrams and pictures. The effort should be original and not the copy/paste material. You will be asked questions during VIVA about your research work.


Title: Aerodynamics Of Supersonic Aircraft
Length: 9 pages (2587 Words)
Style: APA


The Theory of Supersonic Flight 

           According to the theory of supersonic flight, aircrafts speed are claimed to be superior to that of sound. Planes are considered to be supersonic when their Mach number is greater than one but less than three 1< M< 3, while its speed is greater than 750 mph but less than 1500 mph. The theory explains that the swiftness of sound of an aircraft is the rate at which a pressure disturbance in the air is propagated in the atmosphere. The supersonic speed of is a measure of the molecular energy of the air mass that results when molecules of air with high temperature move at greater speed because they have higher energy state. Additionally, the theory identifies that molecules of air with lower temperature have a lower energy state thus move at a lower speed.

            The supersonic theory further explains that air with higher temperature has higher molecular energy compared to cold air. The air molecules of higher temperature travel at a relatively higher rate of speed that cold air on the other hand. It can be deduced that air with lower temperature has lower molecular energy, and the molecules often move at a slower rate of speed. In tandem to supersonic speed, there passage of air disturbance wave through an air mass with a higher temperature that consequently creates a collision between air molecules than an aircraft cruising at a lower temperature air mass. The speed of sound can, therefore, be said to vary with temperature, and the calculated speed of sound fluctuates with the standard atmosphere.


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