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Advantages To A Personal Approach In Poetry


What are the advantages of using a personal approach to writing poetry as compared to an impersonal approach?  Incorporate the personal approach to poetry by Sylvia Plath and W.D. Snodgrass in contrast to T.S. Eliot's strictly impersonal approach to poetry in your discussion. 


Title: Advantages To A Personal Approach In Poetry
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Advantages to a Personal Approach in Poetry T.S. 

Eliot's strictly impersonal approach to poetry dominated the world of poetry for the better part of modem poetry. The major break from this came with the Confessional poetry movement, though the key players in this genre would disagree vehemently with the label. The ensuing wave of personal poetry created works that interacted with the reader in completely different ways than strict impersonal poetry would allow. In theory, Eliot's practice of removing the poet from the poem presents a more reliable and true image of what the poem is presenting. Essentially, he believed that the poet's personal experience, outlook, and emotion contributed nothing to a poem, but rather ruined the poem for the reader. The right poet, however, can use personal or emotional aspects within their poems to add layers to the meaning and influence the mood of the entire poem. Sylvia Plath's "Mirror" and W.D. Snodgrass' "Heart's Needle" both utilize personal elements, carrying a meaning that impersonal poetry couldn't accommodate.


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