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Advanced Horticultural Societies


Describes the primary components of social stratification that define advanced horticultural societies, Explains how the structure of the society maintains the ranking system, Compares the relationship of these components to the subsistence strategy and economic distribution and Explains the role played by religion and belief in establishing and maintaining stratification.


Title: Advanced Horticultural Societies
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Advanced Horticultural Societies

 According to Gorlinski, (2013) social stratification is a system of ranking individuals according to their wealth endowment, prestige, social status, and authority. It is a hierarchical structure of the society. Gorlinski further states that an individual’s position in a stratification system influences each and every part of his/her/family life in the society. In advanced horticultural societies, stratification system was the order of the day as societies advanced by improving farming system and techniques (Angle, 2011). According to Angle, the stratification system increases as societies grow in terms of wealth; and more complex social structures arise. In advanced horticultural societies, the farming techniques were much more efficient and the division of labor was more prominent. The art of metallurgy was a major landmark and breakthrough for many societies as they shifted from simple horticulture to advanced horticulture by making weapons and tools. During that period, the population increased and people started to vary according to social characteristics they possessed.


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