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Education 2 Pages

Action Plan, To Improve The Literacy Of The Student


Use the results communicated in Module 2. Analyze the assessment results and create a 4-week plan of action to improve the literacy of the student(s):

  1. This portion of your investigation will be included in the Methodology section of your case study.
  2. Create a 4-week plan of action to improve the literacy of the student(s).
  3. Your action plan should state goals for your student(s) and why these  goals are appropriate based on assessments and what you know about the  student(s). Include goals for each of the instructional components, when appropriate, in the lesson plan guide.
  4. The action plan  (lesson plan guide) should address the areas of need in the form of  activities and direct instruction for the student(s).
  5. The action plan should identify at least four areas of improvement based specifically on the pre-assessment data you collected and which will be the foci of your tutoring sessions for the next four weeks.
  6. The action plan needs to be subdivided into four blocks of five days,  with each day outlining exactly what activities you plan on using with  your target student(s). The total number of lessons should equate to the times per week that you have face-time with the subject(s) of your  research. Please see the Action Plan example.

Each day of your scheduled action plan should focus on your four target areas and should contain a variety of different activities (i.e., not the same  activities every day). You have a plethora of choices available to you  in the ideas presented in the Bear et al (2008) text and in the assigned reading for this module. Use this as an opportunity to practice them  with a struggling student. The average time frame per tutoring lesson  should be about 30 to 45 minutes daily depending on the age of your subject.


Title: Action Plan, To Improve The Literacy Of The Student
Length: 2 pages (775 Words)
Style: APA


Action plan

Purpose: To improve the literacy of the student

Goal: To make Jennifer a better student based on listening capacity, word spelling, and word recognition and word pronunciation

  DAYListening capacity (7:00-7:45)Word spelling (9:00-9:45)Word recognition (2:00-2:45)Word pronunciation (4:00-4:45) 
  Monday  The student will listen to audio-recorded materials that talk about literature. The goal of this listening class will be to enable the student to develop listening ability.The student will be given passages full of long and difficult words to read. She should get the spellings of all the words.The student should be exposed to repetitive words frequently. This will enable her to recognize them whenever she comes across them in different contexts.The student will listen to prerecorded tutorials on word pronunciation. She will be able to understand different spellings. 

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