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Management 3 Pages

Access Port Everglades Situation And Recommend Changes For Management


ACG 2071 Comprehensive Project


You have been hired as a consultant for Port Everglades to access their situation and recommend changes for management. Please assess the following:

1.  The port’s current situation (including financial position)

 2. Opportunities

 3. Threats 

  4. Areas for Expansion (why?) 

  5. Areas to Consolidate (why?)

  6. Market Forecast

  7. Items of Interest from the Media on Port Everglades

      o Good News/Bad News and why?

There is additional information about

Port Everglades:

APA format


Title: Access Port Everglades Situation And Recommend Changes For Management
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: MLA


Port Everglade’s Management Changes

Port Everglade’s Current Situation

            Port Everglades is among the three most famous cruise ports in the world, and it ranks number 12 in the United States among the existing container ports in the region. Everglades is one of the most popular destination forts cruising and international trade, making it one of the ports in the world with a great expansion and growth potential. The Everglades are South Florida’s main seaport, whose role is to receive petroleum products for supply in the mainland. Port Everglade is one of the major sources of revenue for Florida and the United States in the larger economy, with the port generating more than $730 million inthe form of local and state taxes (Port Everglades, 2013).


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