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Accepting Men As They Are


Prompt: Why does Albert Ellis say that women should accept men as they are? What do you think of his views? Draw on your own experience, observation, or reading to support your ideas.

Write at least 800 words. Be sure to provide at least 2 good well-developed examples in your essay.


            For both biological and social reasons, there are definite differences between males and females. And if you’re going to get along well, or at least graceful, with men, you’d better accept these differences. Accept is the key word here—nobody’s asking you to wax highly enthusiastic about them.

            This means, in plain English, that you’d better deal with the fact that most males are much more interested in sex than love, that they love after being sexually satisfied rather than before going to bed, as females often do, and that even their best loving (or indeed vital absorption in any person or thing) tends to be considerably less romantic and single-minded (read: monogamous) than that of the opposite gender. This also means that there is nothing insulting or intrinsically nasty about how the male feels about sex, you, or his outside interests. You may never greatly like the way he behaves in these respects, but it is pointless for you to fight him for being the way he is. Remember, at best, you’re probably only going to be able to change him slightly.

            You may, then, be perfectly correct when leveling certain charges, such as:” Men are interested in only one thing—sex,” or “Men only care about their work and don’t give enough to their homes or families,” or “All men are selfish.” There is considerable, if not total truth in all these statements. So what! I don’t really see the honor of men being interested in sex, in their work, or in themselves. It might, perhaps, be a much better world if this were not so (though it might be a much worse world, too!) But it is so. And all the wishing on your part and all the bitter demanding that men be different from the way they are is not going to change things very much. Except for the worse!

            If, then, you are interested in finding a man for your true, true love, seek exactly that: a man. Not a mouse, not an angel, not a female, not a little boy, but a man. And fully expect, if you find such a man, that he will have, for better and for worse, some distinctly manly traits. For the most part, in all likelihood, he will be more sexually demanding, less devoted to the children, more fickle, more absorbed n outside affairs, less warm and romantic, less sociable, and more interested in some silly sporting events than you. Though! That’s the way the sonofagun is. After all, he’s a man. And isn’t that why you wanted him in the first place?


Title: Accepting Men As They Are
Length: 3 pages (825 Words)
Style: MLA


Accepting Men as They Are

            Albert Ellis declares that women need to accept their men as they are because of the biological plus social reasons. It is common knowledge that there are exact differences between females and males. For this reason, according to Ellis, a man will never be what a woman exactly wants. Rather, she should accept him the way he is. Time and again, disagreement between males and females arise from one of them trying to override the differences. Ellis wants to say that to get along with men plus be at peace with them, women need to take men as they are (behavior, thoughts, and emotions). They can achieve this by noticing the subtle differences plus respecting them. All in all, the biological plus social reasons mean men and women act differently. There is no sense in a woman’s efforts to change her man because he is just natural. She needs to accept him, and not fight him for being what he is.


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