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Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter


Why does adding vampire into the life and times of Abrahm Lincoln work
or not work?

Look at the people, setting feelings about the civil war and slavery, and other relevant items. Additionally, consider the discussions concerning the Gothic, life/death, the unknown add historic perspective and analysis.


Title: Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
Length: 1 pages (311 Words)
Style: APA


Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Joining the names, Abraham Lincoln to Vampire Hunter stands out to be among the weirdest combinations when one looks at the book. To a larger extent, when one reads through the book, the audience cannot help but appreciate this unique combination of names. The real Abraham Lincoln was faced with the challenge of fighting for the black at a time that most Caucasians saw them as lesser beings. This was also a time when America had high rates of crime as well as injustices. A true leader had to stand up for the helpless people, by actively killing the ‘vampires’. Slave owners were the vampires who drained the nation dry.


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