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Abortion Pro Choice


Your research paper will be a social theory paper.  The social theory paper will require the student to apply classic social theory with a problem in today’s society. It will have five parts. The five parts should have the subheadings in boldface below.  You may add to or slightly adjust the subheadings if you wish (EX: Homeless Loitering: A Social Problem) but each subheading should appear in the order below.

1. Introduction (one paragraph, no more than one-half a page).  

Tell what the paper will do.

2.Current Social Problem (EX: Homeless loitering around UHD).  

Research and describe a current problem in society. Research in this section of the paper may come from current news sources.  Describe the problem in detail and what civic leaders are saying must be done.

3.Applying Social Theory to A Modern Problem

Provided on Blackboard Learn are papers describing two renowned theorists in the social sciences.  Read each paper and apply each theory to the current social problem.  In your paper explain each person’s theory and how each would apply his theory to the problem you describe above.  

The theorists are:  John Rawls, Jeremy Bentham



Research reported in this section must come directly from the provided articles.  Do not use other outside sources.  


The student will then do his/her own evaluation of the theoretical applications to the problem outlined in Part 1.  A critical analysis of the theory or its useful application should be at the center of this section.  Supporting documents to enhance your criticism or support of the theorist should come completely from academic sources.


Tell the reader what we have learned from this paper.

The paper should be 2000-2500 words long.  

Papers will fail and the course will not be passed if:

  • all five sections are not titled and separated properly within the paper
  • all five sections are not done in the proper manner and sequence
  • quality research on the current problem is not done.
  • the two theories are not properly described and applied to the social problem

Title: Abortion Pro Choice
Length: 8 pages (2200 Words)
Style: APA



 The society has suffered the violation of the contemporary social morals whose role is to establish and restore live in the human phenomenon. Critically, social behavior is a crucial tool, which manipulates people to shun wrong and embrace the right. Research asserts that the community constitutes the living and the unborn and up to date, it is yet to attain equality and justice. The two aspects, which grant every subject an opportunity for happiness are undermined by various social problems due to human moral weakness. The study focuses on abortion, a major social challenge to life in the society since the youth care less on it (Patel, 2007). Evidently, the globe incurs a loss of approximately 50,000 people through abortion and a maximum of six million hospitalized due to such a challenge. Philosophers and psychologists have debated towards the situation where they have established different approaches to the condition. Therefore, the study will implement specific mechanisms whose endorsement will facilitate protection to the unborn and the living as an idea of securing life and justification.


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