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Discuss the following

  • what is abortion 
  • the Pro's and Con's of abortion
  • views on abortion, agree or disagree

Title: Abortion
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: APA



Abortion is defined as an early ending of a child and can as well be described as a criminal process of termination of a fetus. There are two primary causes of abortion. Firstly, abortion can happen spontaneously, a process referred to as a miscarriage. Secondly, it can occur intentionally for instance when a person decides to terminate a fetus for personal reasons through taking medicines or undergoing surgery. One of the most recommended advice to women is to see a doctor when pregnant or in doubt of pregnancy. Such a decision is imperative since doctors can substantially guide on the best decisions to make. This goes a long way in reducing the risks associated with abortion. As well, it is imperative that such an individual seeks the medical advice as soon as possible. Physical


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