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A Way To Help A Person In Crisis


When a person is in a crisis situation, his/her behavior has a direct effect on family members. Many times, family is drawn into the crisis and has to find a way to help the person in crisis while at the same time make sure that they themselves do not become part of the problem. 

Conduct research and determine ways that a family can effectively deal with a family member in crisis. Be sure to address the following questions:

  1. Are there things that a family member can do to help the person in crisis?
  2. Should the family seek professional help, and if so, what type of help?
  3. Should the family themselves participate in a group setting with the family member in crisis?
  4. What are some of the side effects that can cause issues for family members trying to help?

Title: A Way To Help A Person In Crisis
Length: 2 pages (649 Words)
Style: APA


A Way to Help a Person in Crisis

        A crisis occurs when a series of unplanned events culminate into a situation that is no longer under control. The situation may be unstable or dangerous for the individual or group affected and in need of immediate aversion as it has the potential to be fatal. Types of crises that a family member may go through include substance abuse, mental illness, financial strain and economic changes, suicide, life events such as the loss of a loved one and even natural disasters among them, weather-related incidents such as hurricanes.

        When a person is in a crisis, it is expected that those closest to him or her, family members, will notice and lend a helping hand. Some of the signs a person in crisis exhibits are neglect of personal grooming and presentation, evident changes in sleeping habits and moods, and withdrawal from routine activities. The individual may also be very irritable, angry or anxious. A keen eye is, therefore, required in the family setting so that such signs don’t go unnoticed and the situation is dealt with before it aggravates.


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