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English 101 4 Pages

A Straight Talk About The ‘N Word’


Identify a common word or phrase from everyday life and discuss how its use influences the culture of everyday not use formal citations, a bibliography, or a section on references.


Title: A Straight Talk About The ‘N Word’
Length: 4 pages (1100 Words)
Style: MLA


“Why can’t I walk where a cab dropped me off to my apartment without somebody yelling the N-word at me?” It has become a cliché. This is now the straight talk, a talk of what people fear to mention openly; leave alone putting down on paper; well, I did it; President Obama uses it too; the N-word lives with us. Let me make a few guesses about how my friends and colleagues first came to face the word and how some remember being called the N-word. “I was twelve years old; I was at the bodega.” “I was 19 and decided to experiment with YouTube.” “I don’t recall well, was between seven and eight, I was with my mother.” “I was at Columbia University, in grad school.” “I was studying abroad, in a small town in the United Kingdom.” “I was walking down the street, this random drunk dude outside a bar yelled ‘Nigger’ at me


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